blue hill bay swim 2021

:: granitemon

By: John Clements

Another year! The 2021 swim is in the books. I must say, I’m still looking for a name for this event. Long Island Challenge is (it turns out) not a unique name. Granite Mon is unique but also very … dated? Also, a lot of the rock here isn’t granite. Okay, this isn’t a puzzle I can solve on my own.

Anyhow, predictions of a terrifying cold blob… did not come to pass. It was apparently very very cold (54F?) a few weeks ago, but the day itself—that would be yesterday—dawned cool and glassy with water that was just fine. It may be that in my dotage I have lost my ability to detect cold water, but I would have guessed 70s. Others said 60s.

The turnout was spectactular. We had fourteen swimmers, a new record! Here’s the list:

  • Alice Clements
  • Amanda Herman
  • Chris Guinness
  • George Pendle
  • Jerome Lawther
  • John Clements
  • Julie Forsyth
  • Justin Pollard
  • Lane Lucas
  • Lucy Lawther
  • Mark Read
  • Mary Clews
  • Pat Starkey
  • Tricia Sawyer

We had two new first-time swimmers, Julie Forsyth and, in the first ever intergenerational transfer, Lucy Lawther.

As always, there are many many people who get up at the crack of dawn in order to make this amazing thing happen. This year, that list included these amazing people and probably others that I’ve neglected to include (but lif so, let me know!):

  • Andy Wanning
  • Anika Clements
  • Anna Huseby
  • Ben Walker
  • Brennan Starkey
  • Charlotte Clews
  • Charlotte Taylor
  • Eliza Wilmerding
  • Ella Murnik
  • Hal Clews
  • Mike Murnik
  • Nathan Semler
  • Neddy Clews
  • Sean Guinness
  • Silas Murnik
  • Springer Huseby

All-time swimmer stats : /Granite-Mon-Website/

The Bectons were gracious hosts as always, tolerating our last-minute scheduling with hospitality and good cheer.

Finally, a huge thank-you to Mary Clews, Justin Pollard, and Amanda Herman for their organizational work!