Peaceful disagreement

:: Politics

By: John Clements

Peaceful disagreement is the foundation of our American government.

It is not surprising that we disagree with each other. Each of us has individual opinions, circumstances, and understanding. Each of us sees a different part of the problems that surround us. Each of us has a different insight into the world, and sees different things that need to change.

And, for better or worse, pretty much all of us are justifiably angry about some aspect of government and society.

Our great virtue, as a nation, is that we have the ability to set that rancor aside; to suspend our anger, and to use the democratic process to decide upon a path forward. I don’t use the word “agreement”, because we may never truly agree. Fortunately, our nation and our government do not depend on our ability to agree with each other. They depend only on our ability to participate peacefully in a democratic process.

It has worked well since 1776. I have faith (and I do mean faith) that it will continue to work, and that America—the greatest nation on Earth—will continue to thrive and prosper, creating peace and prosperity and allowing each of us the pursuit of happiness.