blue hill bay swim 2022

:: granitemon

By: John Clements

The year is 2022. This is the 28th swim, and it was warm, and it was quite calm. Really, a balmy morning all around. The big news was that we picked up another multi-generational team, and there were a total of 3 “next-generation” swimmers: Ahren Michaud, Lucy Lawther, and Liadan Taylor, in addition to first-time swimmer Renee Michaud.

This was also Justice Pollard’s 20th swim, a pretty substantial milestone.

We did this one with not much tidal assist, starting only 15 minutes after dead low. Maybe next year we’ll go against the tide! No, no, just kidding.

In other news, we missed those of you that couldn’t make it. Come back next year!


  • Ahren Michaud
  • Charlotte Clews
  • John Clements
  • Julie Forsyth
  • Justice Pollard
  • Liadan Taylor
  • Lucy Lawther
  • Mark Read
  • Mary Clews
  • Renee Michaud

Inimitable and priceless support crew:

  • Andy Wanning
  • Anika Clements
  • Charlotte Taylor
  • Charlotte Weir
  • Guy Ardrey
  • Hal Clews
  • Henry Becton
  • Jeannie Becton
  • Neddy Clews
  • Wing Taylor

A special mention here goes to the Becton crew, who arrived with hot chocolate and pastries at the moment above all others in the year when they are most most needed. Thanks so much!

All-time swimmer stats : /Granite-Mon-Website/

Many thanks to Andy Wanning and Anika Clements for the pictures that appear here.

Finally, and this is very very literally true, this event would almost certainly NOT have happened without Mary Clews, who herded the mackerel into the chute successfully.