Granite Wo-Mon 2016

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By: John Clements

Hey, today was the day! The day of the annual swim from Long Island to the mouth of Blue Hill Harbor, the current incarnation of the Granite Wo-Mon Challenge.

Before the swim:



Thanks to Chris Guinness for this excellent shot.

After the swim:



Charlotte Clews posted this picture, although she’s in the picture so I suspect she didn’t hit the button. Was this Henry?

Low tide was at 8:47 AM today, so by rights we should have started the swim at about 11:00 AM, but no one wanted to wait quite that long. We gathered at the KYC at 9:00 (or 9:10… or 9:15) and headed out to Long Island. I think we managed to start swimming at about 10:00.

Let me just say: choppy. Not end-of-the-world choppy but still chopping pretty good. Which is to say: bad. I think we all swallowed quite a bit of seawater.

My strava log suggests that the swim took about 1:38, which is quite a bit more than last year.

A special thanks this year to Tricia Sawyer, who pretty much organized the event, and didn’t get to swim. (N.B.: “Organized” = “sent an email to the rest of the slackers”.) It wouldn’t have happened without you!

For those of you completely confused: Granite Wo-Mon Summary Page

So! The swimmers! (In alphabetical order. I love it because Clementses go first. Unless Sara starts swimming.)

  • Alice Clements
  • John Clements
  • Mary Clews
  • Amanda Herman
  • Charlotte Clews Lawther

Amazing chase boat crew and welcoming committee:

  • Sara Ardrey
  • Henry Becton
  • Jeannie Becton
  • Anika Clements
  • Kitty Clements
  • Tom Clements
  • Henry Clews
  • Hal Clews
  • Chris Guinness
  • Sean Guinness
  • Stephen Labrum
  • Jerome Lawther
  • Jenney Wilder
  • Eliza Wilmerding
  • Renee (last name ?)
  • Others?

Finally, I note with mild dismay the absence of any first-time swimmers. Maybe Lucas will swim next year?