Schedule for CSC 530, Spring 2021

Date Topic Readings Lab Assignment due Other
M Mar 29 Hello, overview of LC semantics
W 31 No Class, Cesar Chavez Day
M Apr 5 Paper discussion, LC semantics II A1 due
W 7 Intuitionistic Propositional Logic II
M 12 Project Discussion, Sets & Induction A2 due
W 14 Version Space Algebras
M 19 Project Discussion A3 due
W 21 TBA
M 26 Logic, Algebra, Farkas' Lemma
W 28 General Q&A
M May 3 Project discussion A4 due
M 10 Project discussion, Racket Macros A5 due
W 12 Overivew of SVM semantics, phi nodes
M 17 No Class
W 19 Rosette basics
M 24 TBA
W 26 TBA A6 due
M 31 No Class, Memorial Day
W Jun 2 TBA